Treatment examples

 Saudi, male, 16 years old, dialysis three times a week for 6 months before treatment in our hospital,  creatinine 900, anuria, fatigue, no appetite, edema. Drink 100 ml of water.
After four plus seven Chinese medicine treatment, dialyisis reduce to twice a week, creatinine 570,  200 ml urine a day from anuria, appetite increased, with strength, and now 800 ml of water per day without swelling. Both the patient and the family members are satisfied with our treatments and service.

【What are the side effects of hemodialysis?】

Hemodialysis is used to prolong life for many patients. But life expectancy for people who need hemodialysis is still much less than that for the general population. If the patient only takes this therapy, he may experience the following side effects or complications after or during the hemodialysis.
- muscle cramps
- itching
- sleep problems
- low or high blood pressure
- fluid overload
- bone disease
- anemia
- Inflammation of the membrane surrounding the heart
- Infection
- High potassium levels
- Depression
- Amyloidosis

Kidney expert(1)

Shi Wei, deputy director and Chinese medicine practitioner, was graduated from College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Hebei Medical University. Now he is on duties of subdecanal in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital and president of Huaxia Kidney Disease Research Institute.
Moreover, Dr. Shi actively participates in international kidney disease research and communication, and summarize the experiences in combination of western medicine and Chiense medicine, publishing a numer of works. For example, Acupoint Application for Kidney Disease.
Since he started work, he never gives up studying. To enrich deliciency of clinical experience, he learns from Zheng Falei, Zhang Youkang, Wang Zhigang, etc. Now he has grown into one of the most excellent renal experts in our hospital.
Since he began to work in September 2004, he has been in clinical practice. Even when he was promoted to physician, he keeps on duty in clinical department. He does routine clinical works such as receiving and treating patients, making around every day. Besides, he leads his team to make around every day and organizes discussions on intractable cases and emergency and severe cases. He does not only work on clinically front-line, but also goes to do outpatient service. So far he has received and treated hospitalized patients for 2000 and outpatient for 6000 per year. And he has taken in kidney disease specialized consultation for 1000 people per year, and multidisciplinary consultation for 500 people per year.
On every working day, Shi wei takes his team to make around, and asks every new patient once again about medical history and physical examination, guiding and perfecting accessory examination. According to the diagnosis, he puts forwards to the diagnosis basis of Chinese medicine and western medicine, and elaborates noematic way of Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment, medication characteristic, etc. In addition, he holds case discussion in department and hospital. And he teaches new recruited residents for 10 per year. In 2013, he took part in a poll held by Propaganda Department of Shijiazhuang City, he was awarded the star of 100 Youth Pursuing Dream.
Moreover, Shi wei actively summarizes the treatment experience of Chinese medicine and western medicine to conduct scientific research. In 2011, he published Inducing Differentiation of Human Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Vitro into Glomerular Mesangial Cells in the Journal of Practical Medicine 18th Issue, 2011. In 2012, as the third author, he published 1 Case of Siblings with Chronic Renal Failure in Childhood in Journal of Difficult Diseases 12th Issue, 2012. In 2013, as the third author, he published Progress in Immunotherapy for Renal Cell Carcinoma in Chinese Journal of Cancer Biotherapy 1st Issue, 2013. This was No.81071795 project funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China, and it was also the No.10396107D project supported by International Science and Technology Cooperation Program of Hebei Province. In 2013, he published Clinical Effect of Chinese Medicine on Chronic Renal Failure in Jounal of Hebei Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology Page 15-16, Issue 1st, 2013. In 2013, he also published Clinical Analysis of Decoction of Clearing away Heat and Nourishing Kidney for IgA Nephropathy in Jounal of Hebei Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology Page 26-27, Issue 4th, 2013. In 2014, he published the Influence of Chinese Medicine on Contractinogen and D-Dimer in Patients with Chronic Renal Failure on Jounal of Hebei Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology Page 32-33, Issue 2rd, 2014. In addition, he published Effect Observation on Chinese Medicine for Chronic Renal Failure Reducing Cardiovascular Disease in Journal of Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Page 120-122, Issue 4th, Volume 17th, April 5th 2015, Influence of Chinese Medicine for Chronic Renal Failure on Blood Potassium in Journal of Chinese Pharmaceutical Page 37-39, Issue 8th, Volume 24th, April 20th 2015, Chinese Medicine for Chronic Renal Failure Reducing Infection in Jounal of Hebei Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology Page 31-33, Issue 1st, Volume 30th, March 31th 2015.
In December 2015, he finished two Science and Technology Support Program Projects of Shijiazhuang City, namely No.131462293 Clinical Research on Chinese Medicine for Chronic Renal Failure and No. 141462773 Multifactorial Study on Chinese Medicine for Chronic Renal Failure.
In 2015, he finished professional work on Meridian Points Application for Kidney Disease, published by Hebei Science and Technology Press, ISBN 978-7-5375-8045-8.
In 2016, he finished professional work on New Usage of Decoction in Corrections on the Errors of Medical Works, published by Hebei Science and Technology Press, ISBN 978-7-5375-8726-6.

And he has 6 patented technologies of Chinese medicine for kidney disease, and now 11 patented technologies of Chinese medicine are being requested. 

هل يمكنني التوقف عن غسيل الكلى مع ارتفاع الكرياتينين مستوى

هل يمكنني التوقف عن غسيل الكلى مع ارتفاع الكرياتينين مستوى
"مرحبا، طبيب. لقد كنت على غسيل الكلى لمدة شهر واحد. في البداية، كان مستوى الكرياتينين 7.1 ثم صعد إلى 8.3. والآن مستوى الكرياتينين بلدي هو 2.8. هل يمكنني التوقف عن غسيل الكلى؟"
هل تعرف اضحة كيف غسيل الكلى يخفض مستوى الكرياتينين بالنسبة لك؟ غسيل الكلى وتصفية فقط في الدم بواسطة آلة. وغسيل الكلى وسيتم خفض مستوى الكرياتينين الخاص بك، ولكن لا يمكن منع الكرياتينين من ارتفاع يصل، وهذا هو السبب في أنك بحاجة لاتخاذ غسيل الكلى بشكل مرات. لقضيتك، كان مستوى الكرياتينين عالية إلى 8.3، وهو ما يعني الكلى بأضرار بالغة. والأسوأ من ذلك، عليك أن تأخذ غسيل الكلى من أجل إطالة العمر، على الرغم من الغسيل الكلوي يمكن أن تقلل من وظيفة الكلى.
وأنا أعلم أنك لا تريد الخضوع لالمضايقات الناجمة عن غسيل الكلى، ولكن لا يمكنك إنهاء غسيل الكلى في استعداد الخاصة بك.
كما واقع الأمر، في الصين، يمكن للمرضى أمراض الكلى تأخذ العلاجات الطبيعية مثل العلاج، والطب الصيني عن طريق الفم، الطب الجزئي الصيني Osmotherapy، العلاج حمام كاملة والكى لخفض الكرياتينين 8.3 بأمان وبشكل فعال إزالة السمية.
على بعض النقاط، ويمكن علاج إزالة السمية محل غسيل الكلى لتنفيذ مختلف السموم والنفايات التي لن يؤدي إلا إلى مزيد من الضرر في الكلى، ولكن أيضا يؤثر على آثار العلاجات الأخرى. وبالمقارنة مع غسيل الكلى، والعلاج، إزالة السمية يمكن أن تحمي الكلى ولها ردود فعل سلبية أقل.
وعلاوة على ذلك، يمكن الدقيقة الطب الصيني Osmotherapy اتخاذ تأثير أفضل في بيئة تنظيفها وصحية اخترعها السمية إزالة العلاج، ويمكن أن تساعد أيضا المرضى إخراج الأشياء الضارة في الدم من الجسم. ووظيفة رئيسية من الطب الجزئي الصيني Osmotherapy الطب هو تنشيط الخلايا الكامنة في الكلى، وإصلاح الخلايا والأنسجة في الكلى المريضة وتحسين وظائف الكلى. ما هو أكثر من ذلك، معالجة التطبيقات الخارجية ليس له آثار غير مرغوب فيه واضحة، وعندما يتم استرداد الكلى، والكرياتينين يكون انخفاض، وسيتم رفض غسيل الكلى.
إذا كنت ترغب في الحصول على مزيد من المعلومات حول غسيل الكلى أو علاج بديل لغسيل الكلى، يرجى ترك رسالة أدناه أو إرسال ظروف مرضك لنا، ونحن سوف نبذل قصارى جهدنا لمساعدتك.


Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital special therapy (three)

 oral Chinese medicine

Oral Chinese medicine is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine soup made of Chinese medicine herbs with activating blood and removing stasis, through oral taking way so as to eliminate toxins of sputum and turbid dampness in internal organs. The aim is that, with activating blood and removing stasis to solve various kind of inflammation and stasis, finally to smooth Qi and blood and spread out body fluid. Clinical medicine proves that it has good effects in treatment of kidney disease.
Put the Chinese herbs with invigorating the circulation of blood and dispelling blood stasis into marmite (Chinese pot) to decoct
Pour the herbal soup decocted into a bowl
The medicine will penetrate into zang and fu and conduct functions
The medicine get into glomerulus
the chinese medicien flow with blood in the capillary in the glomerulus to conduct function.
accerlarate the speed of blood and smooth Qi
finally get result of promoting blood circulation and removing obstruction in channels.

Mesenchymal Stem Cell

Mesenchymal stem cells is a kind of multipotent stem cells, which is founded originally from marrow. It attracts more and more attention due to its functions, such as multipotential differentiation, hematopoietic support, promoting stem cell implantation, immunoregulation and self replication etc. Mesenchymal stem cells can repair the damaged tissues and organs, and has strong immunoregulation ability. Under the internal and external special induction condition, mesenchymal stem cells can be divided into many kinds of tissues cells, like fat, bone, muscle, nerve, liver, kidney, endothelial cells. With continuous passage culture and cryopreservation it still has multipotential differentiation, so it can be used as ideal seed cells to repair the damaged tissues and organs caused by ageing and pathological changes.
Step one, mesenchymal stem cells is used with the form of intravenous injection.
Step two, mesenchymal stem cells can arrive at Renal capillaries with blood flow
Step three,mesenchymal stem cells target to damaged kidney cells
Step four, stem cells differentiate to repair the damaged cells
Step five, the damaged cells get renewal and regenerate
Step six, kidneys become to be normal

High retention Chinese medicine enema
 After years of research and development, Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital has developed a set of treatment methods including circle treatment, micro-Chinese medicine penetration treatment, medicated bath and etc. High retention Chinese medicine enema is one of them.

Excreting toxins and wasted products in the body. With the help of Chinese medicine which have the function of excreting toxins, such enema treatment could help the body drive out the wastes and reduce the burden on kidney. It is used to protect the kidney from the harms of the toxins.
Inject the medicine(which has been made into liquor) into rectum, attract the toxins in the rectum and excrete it from the rectum.
Make the medicine which helps excreting toxins into liquor, for patients with anemia, medicines good for enriching the blood should be added while for patients with hematocele, medicines promoting the blood circulation should be added to the prescription.
Take 100ml to 500ml of medicine soup, inject the soup into the rectum of the patients, the soup should be stay in the rectum for more than 1 hour.
The same procedure should be copied for ten consecutive days, one time per day. 10-day treatment is a course; a complete treatment consists of 3 courses.
Treatment Efficacy:
1 alleviate skin itching
2 improve the appetite of the patients
3 relieve the anemia condition of patients
4 eliminate the ammonia smell in the mouth of the patients
5 increase urine volume

Kidney health


Learn About Chinese Medicine treatment, curative effects and costs in China.
Chinese medicine treatment is a natural remedy for kidney disease patients, it can repair kidney damage and improve kidney function, so that you can avoid dialysis or kidney transplant to live a better life.


Chinese Medicine Hot Compress on Shu Mu Points

Chinese Medicine Hot Compress on Shu Mu Points is a treatment option for kidney disease patients who still have urine output. It is highly recommended as it has been proven to be able to improve kidney function.

What is Chinese Medicine Hot Compress on Shu Mu Points?
Chinese Medicine Hot Compress on Shu Mu Points is not a simple herb, but a medical procedure in which different Chinese herbs are used externally to improve kidney condition. Compared with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Chinese Medicine Hot Compress on Shu Mu Points works more effectively and quickly. More importantly, it causes no discomforts and during the whole treatment process, what patients need to do is to lie on the bed for 40minutes.

Chinese Medicine Hot Compress on Shu Mu Points is a combination of Chinese herbs and advanced medical device osmocope. In this herbal treatment, different herbs are used and this is closely based on patient’s illness condition. There are totally 9 types of prescription and each of them includes different herbs. The usage of  is divided into different steps:
1.The refined Chinese medicine is packed in 2 sacks and before the application, these two sacks are put in a container and soaked with penetrants. This can help the effective ingredients in Chinese herbs permeate into the skin more quickly.
2. After being soaked, sacks will be put in a plastic bag and then into the oven like machine. By heating the medicine package, effective ingredients can fully overflow.
3.Set up the osmoscope. Each osmocope contains two electrical plates. Put these two electrical plates on the bed and then the two sacks with Chinese medicine on each electrical plate.
4.Lie on the bed with each sack right under the kidney area. (Do not worry, the electricity will not go through the body,but it will motivate the plates and massage on the back which is very comfortable)
5. After that, what patients need to do is to lie on the bed for 40 minutes.

How does Chinese Medicine Hot Compress on Shu Mu Points work?
Chinese Medicine Hot Compress on Shu Mu Points works for kidney disease patients by performing the following functions:
1.Expanding blood vessels
Effective dilation of blood vessels not only helps to control elevated blood pressure into normal range, but also increase bloodstream in kidney which allows injured kidney intrinsic cells to get enough oxygen and nutrition from blood.
According to clinical studies, many Chronic Kidney Disease are immunologically mediated. This means that a defect in the immune system cause some type of immune protein to be deposited in the kidney,which can cause inflammation. Inflammation can directly cause damages on surrounding kidney tissues, so blocking inflammation is very essential.Chinese Medicine Hot Compress on Shu Mu Points has anti-inflammation and through this treatment, further kidney damages can be avoided or delayed effectively.
Owing to this function, Chinese Medicine Hot Compress on Shu Mu Points shows great effects in helping kidney disease patients prevent thrombus.
Due to the invade of various harmful substances, abnormal hyperplasia and proliferation of extra cellular matrix of renal intrinsic cells will occur. Chinese Medicine Hot Compress on Shu Mu Points can help to achieve this purpose.
5.Repair injured kidney intrinsic cells
Micro-Chinese medicine is not a simple herb, but a combination of several herbs. Some effective ingredients in these herbs can activate injured kidney intrinsic cells and help them get recovered effectively through strengthening their self-curative ability and supplying them necessary nutrition.

What are the short-term and long-term curative effects of Chinese Medicine Hot Compress on Shu Mu Points?
Short-term treatment effects:
- Alleviation in anemia, fatigue and poor appetite and insomnia.
- feel warm in your limbs and your face will seem ruddy
- urine volume increases and cotton-like materials can be found in urine
Long-term treatment effects:
-Serum creatinine and blood urea nitrogen level decreases
-GFR increases
-Kidney function is improved and also protein and blood in urine can be reduced effectively

Where can we get Chinese Medicine Hot Compress on Shu Mu Points?
Chinese Medicine Hot Compress on Shu Mu Points is an innovation of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and so far has been used to treat kidney disease patients from more than 60 countries. Although it has been widely accepted by different countries and gained worldwide attention if you want to know more about the therapy, please leave message to the online doctor, we are ready to serve you!
If you want to learn more about kidney, please visit


Oman's friend, please be careful

 Oman friends, we are coming on June 25th to offer consultation for local kidney patients. If you are interested in our treatment and our hospital, please do not miss this chance 。
  Our kidney disease professionals, for you to solve problems, get rid of the disease, usher in health

Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital special therapy (b)

Chinese Herbal Full Bath Therapy is a special treatment of traditional Chinese medicine external therapy. The medicines will act on the intramuscular spaces and acupoints. As a result, the meridians and kidneys will function in a better way.
When patients are receiving the Chinese Herbal Full Bath Therapy, their nerve endings will be activated. And through the reflection and conduction of nervous system, these active nerve endings will accumulate nerves, body fluids and immune system to adjust into a good order. Besides the physiological activities and changes of viscera, tissues, and organs will be improved into a good state. The immunity and premunition of patients will also be enhanced.
In a word, this Chinese Herbal Full Bath Therapy will exert a great influence in preventing and curing kidney diseases.

     Body is immersed in liquid
     Drug gradually penetrate through human skin into vivo
    Drug flows with blood
    Drugs go into the capillaries
    Drugs into the kidneys eliminate kidney sediment
    Under the influence of drugs gradually swelling will vanish

Mai Kang Mixture is a kind of Chinese traditional medicine ,promoting blood circulation and Qi, removing meridian obstruction , improving body’s numbness ,chest tightness ,shortness of breath ,dizziness, dark tongue and other symptoms .Moreover, it can fight against vascular cell injury because of elevated toxins for kidney failure patients, peptic ulcer and bleeding because of the destroying of barrier of gastric mucosa

1, pour Mai Kang Mixture into a counting cup for 40ml .
2, drink it ,and the medicine will penetrate into blood with gastric juice .
3 medicine will flow into kidney with blood.
4 medicine will eliminate the stasis in the blood
5 blood in the blood vessel will flow more smoothly
6 medicine penetrate into kidney though capillary in the kidney continuously .
7 finally blood circulation has been improved ,warming and smoothing channels.

Chinese Herbal Medicated Foot Bath is one of the special external-used Chinese medicine therapies. Based on the feet heat effects and medicine’s curative effects, the effective ingredients in medicine can circulate through blood capillary vessels to whole body. In this way, it can achieve the effects of opening the meridians and collaterals, improving blood circulation, promoting metabolism, regulating the nervous system. Also it can realize the aims that using external ways treats inner disease, using bottom treatment treats upside diseases. In this way, it can make sure the medicines be circulated to collateral channels of whole body through foot, also can avoid the adverse reaction caused by oral taking an overdose of medicines.

Step one: immerse both feet into Foot Tub with medicinal decoction, the temperature should increased from 37 centigrade to 40 centigrade.

Step two: with the increase of temperature, the medicine enter into body through foot cortex.

Step three: the medicines flow with blood in vessels

Step four: the medicines in blood vessels can promote cells and tissues’
 metabolism, improve blood circulation.

Step five: continue foot bath for 2 hours, with body sweating for the degree. In this way the blood flow will be more fluently.

La néphrite lupique

Le sens:Lupus Le rein est la lésion viscérale la plus fréquente du lupus érythémateux systémique,le lupus érythémateux disséminé (LED) est une maladie auto-immune qui inflige des tissus conjonctifs systémiques, impliquant souvent de multiples systèmes d'organes multiples
Cause:Troubles immunitaires, dépôt de complexes immuns.

Symptôme:Les symptômes généraux commune de fatigue, perte de poids et de la fièvre. Hématurie et protéinurie chez des patients sans domaine avec oedème et l'hypertension, seulement légère à modérée protéinurie et hématurie domaine.
Régime:Les patients doivent répondre à régime riche en protéines;Les patients ont souvent beaucoup de protéines est perdue dans l'urine, ce qui provoque hypoprotéinémie,il est nécessaire d'ajouter suffisamment de protéines de haute qualité,il peut boire plus de lait, manger plus de produits de soja, oeufs, viande maigre, poisson et autres aliments riches en protéines.
Les patients doivent prendre les aliments peu de graisse,les régimes à faible teneur en glucides, régime pauvre en sel, un supplément de calcium.
Prise en charge psychologique:Le patient est déprimé, le fardeau de la pensée est trop lourd, la perte de confiance dans la vie, a refusé le traitement.La famille doit être plus au patient de parler, laisser le patient sentir la chaleur de la communauté et les gens autour de l'amour, augmenter la confiance dans le traitement.
Soins de régime: doit être dans la haute teneur en calories, haute vitamine, régime faible en sel.

Prévention et traitement des rhumes et des infections

Médecine chinoise et occidentale
La médecine chinoise
Traitement de la médecine chinoise de la situation globale globale, selon l'étiologie du rein de lupus pour un traitement approfondi. La différenciation du syndrome de médecine chinoise peut améliorer l'efficacité, réduire les symptômes et réduire les effets secondaires de la médecine occidentale.

La médecine occitentale
La médecine occidentale doit utiliser la thérapie hormonale, les effets secondaires plus grande, le coût élevé.


Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital special therapy (a)

Micro Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy
Micro Chinese medicine Osmotherapy is a kind of unique Chinese medicine external application treatment, applying the herbal bags with Chinese medicine active material on the patient’s back, paralleling his kidney, shen shu acupoint, herbs molecule by the vibrating of a treatment machine, permeating through human body from skin, cell space and tissue space and rete sequentially, finally getting into kidneys to improve kidneys’ micro-circulation and restore kidney’s damaged function effectively.

Step 1
Applying the herbal medicine bag on the patient’s back, Shen shu acupoint, starting the treatment machine .

Step 2
Herbs molecules permeate into body through skin surface, from epidermis, dermis, hypodermis sequentially.

Step 3
Chinese medicine molecules in the body permeate through kidneys and flow with blood in the blood capillary of kidney.

Step 4
Chinese medicine molecules enlarge the damaged blood capillary to improve circulation’s smoothness.

Step 5
Chinese medicine molecules will degrade the increased extracellular matrix and recover damaged cell to normal.

Step 6
Chinese medicine molecules will dispel blood stasis in the blood vessel gradually with circulation and can remit anoxia(oxygen-poor)of micro circulation. At this time, kidneys go back to normal. The whole body is full of Chinese medicine molecules keeping body function normal through blood circulation.

Moxibustion Therapy is a treatment that implements moxibustion on people's bladder meridian as well as on ernor meridian in the back by using modern automatic mxibusion bed.  The medicines will act on ernor meridian and bladder meridian to benefit people's viscera. And then these medicines can promote kidney's function to recover.Besides,this treatment is very convenient and has great benefits to people's kidney.

        Let the patient lie in mixbustion bed.
        Light the moxa stick which is added with medicines.
        Ernor meridian and bladder meridian of body
        The medicines will act on viscera.
        Blood circulation will be speeded up.
        Extravasated blood will be removed successfully.
        Blood circulation will be speeded up.

Chinese Herbal Cycle Therapy is based on the meridian syndrome differentiation theory, through  Four Diagnostic Methods of TCM--look , listen , question and feel the pulse, as a whole dialectical analysis of the disease, after identification of disease in the surface reaction sites and syndromes, then drug selection and prescription, made of traditional Chinese medicine, smashing and muding the Chinese medicine,smearing  onto meridian acupoint in parts of the surface reaction, penetration through the meridian points, whirlpool channels and pores of the skin, forcing toxic out of skin , sending drugs gas into the  lesions in organs, to clear the meridians, smooth blood contact, flat organs, harmonize qi and blood to balance Yin and Yang to be fit .

      Presentation of Meridian points of the body
      Natural gas flows in the meridians , the part of the gas which has not yet entered into Meridian
      gas into the capillary flow with blood
      kidneys occur stasis
      With a good medication  on the skin surface, so that the drug is swirling
      Natural gas gradually penetrate into the human skin surface
      Drugs play a role in the muscular form, the drug into the skin table
      The medicine goes into viscera directly
      Drugs penetrate into the body, the toxins will be pulled out from the body, the vitro kidney surface stasis fades
      Under the action of the drug, so that blood in the capillary flows more smoothly

Travel to Oman

Oman's kidney disease, for you to bring a good news, but also a chance, I hope you hold, happiness is waving to you.
On behalf of Republic of China, Responding to the calling of ‘One belt, One road’ policy. The Sultanate of Oman embassy in China has invited our medical group to visit Oman and help more kidney patients. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belt_and_Road_Initiative
Our hospital is planning to dispatch a group of prominent kidney specialists to Oman on 25th to offer consultation for local kidney patients, who are struggling to battle this horrible disease, and it’s a very rare opportunity to meet the most famous professors around the world.If you need our help, please prepare the following materials to avoid delaying everyone's time。
 Here are the following procedures.
1. Appointment letter ( Passport copy or ID card is required)
2. Bring the latest test reports
3. Be prepared with your medical history and what kinds of questions you want to ask, time is limited for each patient.

4. It’s free of charge and some medicine will be given.

Introduction to shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital (seven)

 Undertake a mission and conquer more complicated renal diseases
On an ongoing current basis, our hospital is more aware of its responsibility: Focus on kidney disease and make contributions to the kidney disease treatment. Also we make more efforts in conquering complicated kidney disease so as to help people get relief from kidney disease.

Work for building the international first-class hospital group
Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital has achieved something in Chinese medicine treatments for kidney disease and integrated Chinese-Western therapy for kidney disease, and influenced medical circle. The aim of Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital is to improve the treatment system, impact therapeutically on this serious disease and try to spread our achievement to the world so as to benefit people all over the world.
Therefore, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital decides to speed up the construction of international medical service department and international hospital  to provide service for more international patients. With the construction of international medical service department and international hospital, our hospital will also set up related treatment facilities abroad to form international medical group.

On the construction of international medical group abroad, our construction ideas sum up to that of “One Centre and Two Cardinal Points.” 
One Centre: Provide better service for foreign patients.
Two Cardinal Points:
(1) Look for foreign partners ;
(2) Reduce the pressure of patients' seeking for medical advice .

After getting better cooperative treatment hospitals, we can recommend automatically patients who accept treatment in our hospital and more revisiting patients to directly take treatments in our cooperative hospitals of their own countries. This can not only relieve the pressure of patients for medical advice, but also achieve the goal of rehabilitation.
One Centre and Two Cardinal Points

In terms of reducing the pressure of foreign patients for a doctor, our hospital achieves the point “Look for partners abroad” first, sets up long-term relationship with foreign excellent medical institutions and forms “Hand in hand” unit. By way of exporting Chinese medicine treatment, exporting Chinese medicine and medical equipment, sending medical team and training medical staff of cooperation units, it can improve the cooperative hospitals’ ability to prevent and control kidney disease, help patients accept our treatment without going to China so as to make sure that all patients can get high quality medical service and improve the cooperative hospitals’ visiting and revisiting rate.

The essence of Medicine is to cure the sickness and save the patient, give patients satisfactory curative effect, Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital acquired a lot of accomplishments during the development in more than thirty years. For the next step, the hospital will continue to exert features and advantages of TCM treatment of kidney disease, make every attempt to overcome the kidney disease with the courage of exploration and innovation, breaking the hard ice, help more patients at home and abroad regain health with better curative effect.

If you need help, you need to know more, please visit our website (www.IKDRC,com)to contact us, we must sincerely for your service. 

Médecine chinoise orale

Médecine chinoise orale

Médecine chinoise orale ont des milliers d'années d'histoire, il ya des centaines d'herbes en elle et ils peuvent combinés librement selon les nécessaires pendant le traitement.

1.La fonction principalement de la thérapie de médecine chinoise orale作用
La clé pour prendre la médecine chinoise par voie orale est de traiter les médicaments qui revigorent le sang et de dissoudre la stase, faire oral capsules ou soupe médicinale, et prendre des médicaments par voie orale pour détoxiquer la phlegmstasis et la turbidité humide dans les viscères.

2.Caractéristiques thérapeutiques治疗特点
Mettre l'accent sur l'utilisation de médicaments qui revigorent le sang et de dissoudre la stase afin de traiter l'inflammation diverses et la stase toxique avec cette fonction.
La pratique a prouvé la bonne efficacité.

3.Principe thérapeutique治疗原则
Désintoxiquer les facteurs pathogènes dans le cœur, les poumons, la rate, l'estomac, la vésicule biliaire et douze méridiens pour lisser le flux de qi, le sang et les fluides corporels.

Concentrez-vous sur revigorer le sang et la désintoxication, ajuster dans des circonstances particulières.

Décocter les médicaments et extraire la décoction100-300ml, prendre oralement une à trois fois, une à trois fois par jour.
3-7 jours pour un cours de traitement, 7-10 cours dans tous

6.Effets à court terme短期疗效
Augmentation du volume urinaire; Urine réduite la nuit; Urine jaunâtre; Forte odeur d'urine; Précipité floculant, etc.
Récupération précoce du rein (augmentation de la créatininémie), réduction de l'urine la nuit; Une stase sanguine améliorée.
Aucun symptôme d'empoisonnement sur tout le corps: soulagé et démangeaisons de la peau; Aucun goût d'ammoniac dans la bouche; Amélioration des symptômes du tractus indigestif; Augmentation de l'appétit.

Les patients présentant une oligurie, pas d'urine et d'hyperkaliémie doivent être prudents quant à leur prise.
Ou décocter des médicaments avec un feu fort jusqu'à ce que la décoction soit bouillante.Puis ajouter de l'eau froide pour arrêter l'ébullition après dix minutes. Encore une fois, décocter les médicaments à feu fort jusqu'à ébullition. Dix minutes plus tard, flamme au décollage.
Généralement, prendre la décoction quand 30 minutes ont passé après un repas.

La décoction à froid doit être à nouveau bouillie et prise lorsque la température est optimale.


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