Eat fruit, please distinguish between cold and heat.

Autumn is the season of fruit harvest, many people eat fruit to eat, that both lose weight and nutrition. In fact, perhaps you have overlooked a problem: the fall of fruit should be divided into cold and hot.
The properties of food, the so-called "four gas", refers to the food into the body, will produce "cold, hot, warm, cold" role. Between the four is neither warm nor hot, not cold is not cool, it belongs to the "flat" nature.
In general, Deficiency of the body's basic metabolic rate is low, less heat in vivo, limbs, even in the summer is cold. They look more common white, rarely thirsty, do not like to touch the cool things, including into the air-conditioned room. Chinese medicine has always been a balanced, yin and yang reconcile.

Physically cool people, when eating fruit, naturally choose to eat warm, such fruits include lychee, longan, pomegranate, cherry, coconut, durian, apricot, chestnut, walnut and so on.

Really physical quality of people metabolism, heat, often face red red, thirsty, like to eat cold, easy irritability, often constipation. In accordance with the above principles, such a crowd to eat cold food, such as melon, watermelon, pear, banana, kiwi, persimmon, water chestnuts, melons, grapefruit and so on.

Peaceful fruits such as grapes, pineapples, papaya, apples, coconut, pears, orange, olives, ginkgo, plums, etc., can be eaten with different physique.

The weather gets cooler and the patients with nephropathy attract attention

In life, should always pay attention to changes in climate, indoor and clothing should be warm, because the cold can cause renal artery spasm, increased renal ischemia, so that deterioration of renal function. In addition, pay attention to personal hygiene, keep the skin clean, to reduce the occurrence of pyoderma.

Chronic nephritis patients should be how to prevent deterioration of renal function? Generally from life, diet, to prevent infection and other aspects to consider.

Patients with chronic nephritis should be at rest during the onset of the disease, especially in patients with severe or severe edema, because bed rest, both diuresis, but also reduce heart failure, hypertensive encephalopathy and other dangerous complications, so as not to further renal function Deterioration, in the recovery period, should gradually increase the activity, so that the muscles gradually returned to normal. Because of long lying, can weaken the physical strength, resistance decreased. If necessary, take some measures to enhance physical fitness such as radio exercises, tai chi, etc., to improve the body defense function.

In life, should always pay attention to changes in climate, indoor and clothing should be warm, because the cold can cause renal artery spasm, increased renal ischemia, so that deterioration of renal function. In addition, pay attention to personal hygiene, keep the skin clean, to reduce the occurrence of pyoderma. At the same time, should pay attention to prevent respiratory infections, including angina, tonsillitis and so on.

Remove chronic infectious lesions, such as tonsillitis, otitis media, sinusitis, dental caries, tooth vinegar abscess, etc., should be removed as soon as possible. If acute infection, or chronic nephritis recurrent and infection-related, should be timely with antibiotics, generally available intramuscular injection of procaine penicillin. Or with detoxification of Chinese herbal decoction, in order to achieve the purpose of prevention of infection.

Chronic glomerulonephritis during the activities of women, should not be pregnant, or expand the uterine pressure near the kidney static veins, affecting glomerular filtration, so that metabolites is not easy to discharge, to promote deterioration of renal function.

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Indicators of renal function

Responses to renal function are:
    1. Endogenous creatinine clearance
    2. serum creatinine
    Blood urea nitrogen
    4. hemoglobin and red blood cell count
    5. Urine specific gravity
    6. Urine osmotic pressure

Exercise anytime, anywhere, healthy and convenient

Many people are limited to work and time constraints, there is no way to often exercise, we here to introduce two can exercise at any time, completely free from time and place restrictions. This is the reduction of the anus and abdomen.

Shrink the anus, in fact, is a regular contraction of the anus, it is also known as rejuvenation, is the traditional Chinese medicine handed down a movement. It is best to get up in the morning and at night before going to bed once every time, every time 50 times; finished the toilet can also do, over the best life to do, more effective. Here we mainly want to introduce the benefits of retraction.

For men, the rectum is an effective massage of the prostate, can play an effective prevention and adjuvant treatment of prostatitis. This method can also prevent the perianal meridian bleeding, enhance the ability of the anus site resistance, prevention and treatment of the elderly susceptible to hemorrhoids, a
For women, the contraction can strengthen the participation of sex in the pubic bone mass. If long-term insist on doing this action, you can solve the problem of postpartum vaginal relaxation, prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids.
Abdomen is from the lower abdomen along the back and then gently shrink. The abdomen and the anus look as simple as, but a little trick. Abdomen is not simply forced to shrink the lower abdomen, because such a flat belly will make the abdomen was tense state, not easy to stick down, and will affect the normal breathing, people feel suffocated. Here refers to the abdomen is convergence abdomen, from the lower abdomen along the back and then gently shrink, received the back of the door near the door (life door in the back of the spine, the front is on the navel).

Life door, that is, the door of life, according to the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, the door of the gas is the first place of people gathered together, a person can not be healthy and lonely, to see if his life is sufficient gas. Convergence abdomen has two benefits, one will not be too tight in the abdomen, easy to maintain the abdomen posture; second to have the role of the door parts of the gas together, is conducive to the body of the air transport.

Do abdomen movement when not anxious, a collection, stabilize, and then slowly relax, the whole action or not to complete the disease.

Levator ani abdomen, posture without any restrictions, line station will be lying on the long-term office is particularly convenient, can be interspersed in the work, regular exercise, to improve constipation, hemorrhoids and other symptoms are also very effective.

Causes of the formation of kidney stones

                               China kidney disease hospital  
1, purine metabolic disorders

Animal offal, seafood, peanuts, beans, spinach, etc., contain more purine ingredients.
Purine into the body, to carry out the metabolism, the metabolic end product is uric acid, uric acid can promote urinary oxalate precipitation, if too much consumption of purine-rich foods, purine metabolism and abnormal, oxalate in the Urine deposition and the formation of urinary stones.
2, fat intake too much

All kinds of animal meat, especially fat pork, are fat and more food.
Eat more fat in the body will increase, the fat will reduce the intestine can be combined with calcium, which caused increased absorption of oxalate, if the excretion of functional failure, such as sweating, less water, less urine, kidney stones It is likely to be formed in this case.
So, doctors often say, in order to prevent stone disease, hot days to drink some water, eat more oil and water, but also drink plenty of water to promote the flow of urine, dilute the urine composition, to reduce the stones danger.
3, sugar increased

Sugar is an important nutrient of the human body, to regular supplement, but all of a sudden increase too much, especially lactose, stone formation will create conditions.
Experts found that: regardless of normal or stone patients, after eating 100 grams of sucrose, 2 hours to check their urine and found that urine calcium and oxalate concentrations are increased, if taking lactose, it can promote the absorption of calcium, more May lead to calcium oxalate accumulation in the body and the formation of urinary stones.
4, protein excess

Analysis of the composition of kidney stones and found that calcium oxalate in stones accounted for 87.5%.
Such a large proportion of the source of calcium oxalate is because the protein in addition to oxalic acid containing raw materials - glycine, hydroxyproline, the protein can also promote the intestinal function of calcium absorption.
If the regular consumption of high protein foods, so that the kidney and urine calcium, oxalic acid, uric acid composition generally increased, if not timely and effective through the kidney function of the excess calcium, oxalic acid, uric acid excreted, so that kidney stones The condition of ureteral calculus was formed.
The main reason for the increased incidence of kidney stones in today's world 

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Drink can hurt the kidney, do you know?

In the continuous improvement of the economic level, the market is full of drinks, it has become a trend in people's lives is a substitute for water, thirsty to buy a bottle of thirst, but in their " Enjoy "at the same time, the disease also followed
     Most of the soda and drinks on the market contain carbonic acid, high fructose syrup and caffeine and other ingredients, will lead to increased blood pressure, and high blood pressure, is one of the important factors of kidney injury.
 US National Kidney Foundation data show that the United States in the past 10 years, patients with chronic kidney disease increased by 30%, the number reached 26 million. The study found that drinking carbonated drinks such as Coke, etc. may also cause kidney disease, normal weight of women drink two cans or more carbonated drinks a day, more likely to produce signs of early kidney disease, the risk of other women is 2 times the risk.
    In this regard, the scientists of the 9,000 adult data analysis and found that many carbonated drinks contain high fructose syrup, the material is likely to be the cause of the disease, in addition, some people think that the phosphorus is the problem, followed by excessive intake of soft drinks and Sports drinks also indirectly damage the kidney. The body's pH is 7.2, these drinks are generally highly acidic, after drinking the body pH changes significantly. Kidney is the main organ to regulate the body's pH, long-term excessive intake of soft drinks and sports drinks, will bring a burden to the kidney, increasing the probability of kidney damage.
   Shijiazhuang nephropathy hospital kidney disease experts to remind you: do not in order to meet the taste of the drink and the water will be replaced, in fact, many substances in the world can find the corresponding alternatives, but only water can not be replaced.
If you have any questions you can contact me through the following contact, Shijiazhuang kidney hospital wish you a quick recovery

Kidney and spleen health porridge

Ingredients: 1 egg, 1 kidney, glutinous rice 60 grams, salt, oil amount.
Method: pork to the fascia slices, eggs, broken salt, oil and mix well, glutinous rice porridge, will be added when the eggs, pork waist can be boiled. Can be used for breakfast or snack food.
Efficacy: kidney and spleen. Pig gluten is a mild tonic, tonic, blood, spleen and warm stomach, antiperspirant, antiperspirant
Note: high blood lipids are not eat.

Let men do real men

Men can eat what kidney, many men asked. Indeed, with the increase in social pressure and the reduction of movement, sexual dysfunction has become the men's unspeakable, then the man kidney impotence food which? The following regimen for everyone to sum up the man kidney impotence food Daquan, for reference.
1, leek

Leek, also known as aphrodisiac grass In the "Compendium of Materia Medica" in the effect is: raw juice on the main gas, wheezing, solution broiler poison. Boiled juice drink, can only stop cough sweating. Can be warm in the blood, warm kidney warm waist and knee. But because the leek is not easy to digest, so one should not eat too much. Yin Huo-wang who suffer from sore head disease who eat leek. Do not like to eat spicy people should not eat, easy to cause allergies should not eat.
2, shrimp

Shrimp sweet and warm, there is the function of kidney impotence. Modern nutritionists agree that the nutritional value of shrimp rich, fat, trace elements (phosphorus, zinc, calcium, iron, etc.) and a lot of amino acids, but also contains hormones, contribute to kidney impotence. In the West, it was also used to brandy shrimp with aphrodisiac, drunk shrimp attending kidney, impotence, sexual dysfunction.
3, mussels

Chinese medicine that mussels liver and kidney, Yijing blood, can treat all kinds of wasting the disease. Its taste salty, warm, with warm kidney Gujing, Qi tonic effect. Applicable to men sexual dysfunction, nocturnal emission, impotence, Fanglao, Diabetes embolism. Men can eat strong body can enhance sexual function. Song mussels mussels can replenish liver and kidney, Yijing blood, Chufan, Reduce Pathogenic Fire.
4, mutton

Medical St. Zhang Zhongjing that lamb is Warming, physical, strong meat of the top grade. Modern nutrition also confirmed that lamb is not only nutritious, but also contains a small amount of sex hormones, there is indeed aphrodisiac effect. With Eucommus better effect, can ease the Yaoxisuanruan, tired of the symptoms of nocturnal emission.
Eat mutton tonic more taboo: not with vinegar, tea with food, otherwise it will reduce the impotence effect, resulting in tannic acid protein, causing constipation. Bogey and watermelon, cucumber and other cool food with food, or not only will greatly reduce the role of mutton Warming, but also hinder the spleen and stomach function.
5, fish

Fish is the ideal food for nourishing libido, especially shark meat, as a catalyst for sex is still renowned. Where the body of zinc deficiency, men will reduce the number of sperm and the quality of decline, and accompanied by severe sexual function and reproductive dysfunction, while women are weight loss, sexual intercourse vaginal secretion decreased symptoms. Especially the eel, nutrient-rich, and can enhance sexual desire, many people think that eating eel can impotence sperm.
6, tofu

Tofu Shengjin Runzao, compatibility with other food, may have kidney impotence, Yang Yin and blood of the effect, for the nourishing strong products. Apply to the body virtual wins, impotence nocturnal emission, urinary frequency embolism. At the same time can also be used as middle-aged health nourishing diet. Can be made into a variety of tofu, "bean curd", such as bean sprouts tofu, snow bolted tofu, spicy tofu, spiced tofu and so on.
7, oysters

Oysters, also known as oysters. "Compendium of Materia Medica" records, eat oyster meat "can clean the skin, kidney impotence, and can cure virtual, solution erysipelas". Oyster shell is blindly traditional Chinese medicine, slightly cold, taste salty, into the liver, kidney, to Pinggan Yang, Sanjie soft and firm, convergence Guyi.
History Napoleon and Caesar are very fond of eating oysters, men often eat oysters can improve sexual function and sperm quality. And yam, Gorgon, lotus seeds, boiled pork together, can cure kidney deficiency.
8, animal kidney

Edible animal kidney with Bushenyijing role, is the traditional Chinese medicine "to dirty dirty" theory embodied. Because it is rich in protein, fat and vitamins and some rare trace elements, so both nourishing and strong power.
9, green onions

Green onions of various vitamins can guarantee the normal secretion of human hormones, but also effective stimulation of sexual desire, and thus impotence yin. For men, should eat 3 times a week onion or scallions, can be cooking, salad, but also as a flavoring agent.
10, cowpea

Cowpea in addition to the spleen, and the role of stomach, the most important thing is to kidney. Li Shizhen has praised it to "rationale in the gas, kidney and stomach, and the five internal organs, transfer business health, health essence." Eat cowpea can also cure vomiting, hiccups and other discomfort.
11, donkey meat

Donkey meat is delicious, is a low fat, high protein, low cholesterol meat. Chinese medicine, donkey meat sweet and cool, there are yin and yang, qi and blood, worry to trouble. Donkey kidney, sweet and warm, the benefits of kidney impotence, strong gluten Zhuanggu service. Can treat impotence does not lift, Yaoxisuan soft embolism.
12, turtle

Tortoise is the food to Ziyin blood, and the king of eight more difficult and Sanjie Sanjie effect. Drugs contained, alias turtle or mountain Rui water into the liver by the liver, strong liver and kidney, blood gas, kidney deficiency can be enough, up to the effect of men aphrodisiac.
13, eggs

Eggs are a nutrient carrier of human efficacy, and is an excellent reducing agent for the recovery of vitality after sexual survival. Arabs in the wedding a few days before, mainly to the onion burning eggs to defend the wedding night of the beautiful sex. While the Indian couple before the sexual survival, should drink plenty of eggs, milk and honey boiled rice porridge. China's grass is also circulating a wedding dinner fried eggs custom.
14, whip vegetables

In Chinese medicine, the whip is an organic structure of food, easily absorbed by the body and transformed into their own energy, the effectiveness of far better than ordinary plants and meat. "Compendium of Materia Medica" recorded in the kidney and kidney, blood Qi, beauty skin, strong gluten Zhuanggu role, modern scientific research found that it contains a large number of renal vitality factor.
15, pig stomach

Pig stomach is the letter of the kidney king. Where the frail spermatorrhea, suitable for eating pig stomach, pig stomach Gan warm, Buwei, Qi, hunger, only spermatorrhea. If you can boil and red lotus seeds after taking, kidney effect better.


Everything for PKD

Exercise and sports

Exercise is an important part of maintaining good, overall health. Regular exercise can decrease your blood pressure and stress as well as improve muscle strength, heart function and stamina. It can also enhance a sense of well-being. In general, you will do much better on dialysis and with a transplant if you are physically fit.

What kind of exercise is best?

There is no one best kind of exercise. The key is to find an activity that is comfortable for you and that you enjoy doing. Generally, PKD patients can do any activity they want unless they get blood in the urine or it causes back, flank or abdominal pain. The exercises that are least jarring to the kidneys include walking, swimming and biking.

Be sure to talk with your doctor before starting an exercise regimen, as he or she may have guidance about what will be most effective for you, or what to avoid. Remember to always keep well hydrated when exercising, and do your best to be active on a regular basis.

Are sports dangerous to my kidneys?

In general, most sports do not affect kidney function. However, PKD does present unique circumstances and so there are some issues that need to be considered. Given the unique nature of PKD, where kidneys are enlarged and cysts can rupture, there are some simple precautions to take. Contact sports where the kidneys may be traumatized (flank/side or lower back impact) should either be avoided or protective pads should be worn. Examples of these types of sports include football, rugby, basketball, hockey and particularly boxing or kickboxing. Horseback riding and cross-country biking are other sports with repetitive impact that could potentially cause issues with your kidneys. There is no evidence that these activities worsen renal function, but they can result in pain and/or blood appearing in the urine.

Diet and nutrition

There are many reasons to maintain a healthy diet as a PKD patient including the potential to slow cyst growth, diabetes, and faster transplant recovery times. Learn more about diet and nutrition.

Should I limit the physical activity of a child who has ADPKD?

There is no information to support limiting physical activity in any child simply because he or she has ADPKD. It is possible that children with large kidneys and/or large cysts may have more episodes of blood in the urine if they play contact sports such as football, however each child should be evaluated by a doctor on an individual basis.

Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital special therapy 9

Acupuncture originated in China, has thousands of years of practice. It is built on the basis of the energy theory, also known as chi, through the meridians in the body and the surrounding flow.
According to the concept of Chinese medicine, when your Chi obstruction or imbalance when the disease will occur, acupuncture is a way to remove obstacles and adjust the balance.
Acupuncture is a thin small solid needle inserted into the acupuncture point, and sometimes need to use heat, pressure, or tiny current to treat the disease.
Most people do not feel hurt during the treatment, and sometimes the patient will feel a slight pressure when the needle enters. The area may have tingling, numbness, itching or a little bit of pain. After the needle is inserted into the acupuncture point, the doctor may needle gently turn back and forth. Or a doctor can use a heat or current needle.
What is the effect of acupuncture treatment?
Dredge the channel. Can clear the meridians, smooth blood. In traditional Chinese medicine such as pain, numbness and other symptoms, swelling, ecchymosis is the performance of blood flow obstruction. Acupuncture therapy helps to relieve symptoms.
Adjust yin and yang. In medicine, yin and yang is the two sides of things. Health is achieved through the balance between yin and yang.
Get rid of evil. Acupuncture helps patients improve immunity and fight disease. If the elimination of harmful factors, bacteria will not easily penetrate the human body.
How does acupuncture cure kidney disease?
The main function of acupuncture is to clear the meridians, blood circulation, promote blood circulation, increase renal blood flow. This can improve kidney damage by providing enough blood to improve renal ischemia, hypoxia, oxygen and other nutrients that can help prevent further kidney damage and promote damage and restore renal function.

Acupuncture can also help restore chronic kidney pain and fatigue, improve appetite and sleep quality. It can also reduce the pressure of hypertension and reduce the patient, so that they feel relaxed and refreshed.

Six words massage buck

 Rub the hands with both hands to rub the sides of the head 36 times.
Wipe his forefinger, middle finger and ring finger pulp, from the middle of the forehead to both sides of the temple to wipe the 36 points.
Comb fingers twilight, starting from the forehead hair, through the head, comb to the hair after 36 times.
Roll hands fist, fist eyes against the corresponding lower back, up and down a little hard rolling 36 times, the extent of rolling as much as possible.
Rubbing two palm cross overlap, affixed to the abdomen to the navel as the center, clockwise, counterclockwise each rubbing 36 times.
(The center of the palm of the hand), the valley of the hands (the back of the back of the first and second metacarpal Between, near the second metacarpal midpoint), Neiguan points (forearm medial, wrist 2 inch) 36 times.
In addition, there are some massage method is simple, antihypertensive effect is better, the patient can choose according to their specific circumstances.
2. Bath surface wiping rubbing his hands, from the forehead by the temporal front along the ear wiped to the jaw, repeated 20 to 30 times.
3. Massage the nail root in the hand of the thumb of the nail root, with the other hand thumb and index finger grip, turn rub, and then, from the edge of the nail toward the root of the direction of slowly rub down, do not force excessive, Gas when the relaxation, exhale pressure, as early as possible, noon, before going to bed 3 times, so that blood vessels can dilate, blood pressure down.
4. Massage Yongquan point method is to take sitting in bed, with both hands thumb pulp from the Yongquan point to the foot of the foot, the local heat and then terminate the operation, 1 to 2 times a day.
5. Shun Qi hands flat on his chest, palm paste chest, with a deep breath of the nose, then mouth with breath, his hands slowly stroked to the lower abdomen, repeated 10 times.
6. bathing law palm fingers close together, tightly on both sides of the back spine, from top to bottom squeeze to the buttocks tail, each time 20 times.
7. Handle palm blood pressure rose sharply, the palm of your hand can be used as an emergency step-down measures. Starting from the right hand, with the left hand thumbs down the right palm, and from the palm of the hand has been up to the fingertips, and then return to the palm,

Little knowledge, great wisdom

If you can note in the daily life of the following points, chronic nephritis is not so easy! 1, to develop good habits, and actively participate in the exercise which, to maintain a pleasant heart, improve the body's ability to resist disease. 2, active prevention and effective treatment of various infections and colds, a lot of physical fitness, to keep the mouth and nasopharynx health, keep the indoor air fresh, pay attention to the prevention of gastrointestinal infections. 3, active prevention and effective treatment of acute nephritis. 4, active treatment of primary glomerular disease.

How and water can be more healthy

Water is the most content of the body of the composition, every day, people are inseparable from the water, people in the water when the time than when the fasting faster, if people eat fast, only drinking water, you can survive for several weeks, but if the water, then Can only survive a few days, showing the importance of water on life, in 2007, the World Health Organization put forward this view, your habit of drinking water today will determine your health after 10 years, visible, water and human health, Is so close, hot summer, how to drink water before? Do you really drink water? Did you also go into those who drink water? I am most concerned about these issues, Jianghuai Morning News reporter made me face to face this afternoon to do an in-depth interview, sum up, share to everyone
  Reporter asked: how to determine the mild dehydration?
A: When the loss of water accounted for 2% -4% of body weight, for mild dehydration, the performance of thirst, oliguria, urine increased proportion and lower efficiency and so on.
  Reporter asked two: what time to drink the most appropriate? How much water is appropriate?
A: The general time for the morning up a cup of warm water, a glass of water before going to bed, half an hour before meals a glass of water, the daytime, not more than 2 hours do not drink water, to do steady, from time to time to drink a little water.
  Reporter asked three: feel thirsty time, is not the best time to drink water?
A: This view is wrong, feel thirsty, the body has a slight dehydration, and we should be thirsty and drink.
  Reporter asked four: summer sweating more, how much should drink the right?
A: The minimum amount of water to keep every day to keep 2000 ml, if sweating more cases, you can increase the amount of water.
  Reporter asked five: summer drink what is more healthy, Jieshu?
A: boiled water, light tea, mung bean soup, etc., as well as homemade fruit and vegetable juices, are very healthy very Jieshu.
  Reporter asked six: under what circumstances, prone to water poisoning?
A: people in the extreme thirsty time, or after a lot of sweating, a one-time rapid drink a lot of water, the kidneys can not be timely discharge of excess water, will lead to water retention in the body, the light caused by headache, Vomiting, severe mental confusion, coma or death poisoning symptoms!
  Reporter asked seven: we are most concerned about is the problem, early morning fasting in the end drink salt water or boiled water?
A: The morning is the highest blood pressure, the fastest fluctuations in the time, and hypertensive patients with blood vessels are very sensitive to salt, this time, if drinking salt water, vasoconstriction, blood pressure rise, equal to the fuel on the fire. So it is recommended that you get up early to drink empty water, women can also drink light honey water, or lemonade.


Reduce the risk of hypertension

How to lower the damage to the hypertensive nephropathy
It is hot in summer, so the vessels will be dilation. Peripheral vascular resistance decreases, then the blood volume decreases through sweating, leading to reduction in blood pressure. As a result, the renal perfusion reduces, renal becomes ischemia, hypoxia which exacerbates the damage to kidney.
Therefore, if without timely blood pressure regulation, the renal perfusion will reduce more.
Generally, the blood pressure is the highest in the morning, then gradually decrease, which reaches the slowest in the evening. But the hot weather would cause dysfunction of autonomic nerve: blood pressure rises during night,especially for nephropathy patients. About 74%-82% of kidney patients’ blood pressure would not decrease at night.
So the high temperature season, kidney patients have High blood pressure fluctuations, prone to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents, aggravating kidney damage, which needs to adjust the medication time.
Don't pursue a severe blood pressure decrease.
When the proteinuria+ is less than 1.0g/d, the blood pressure should decrease to 130/80mmHg.
When it is higher than 1.0g/d, the blood pressure should decrease to 125/75mmHg.

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Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital special therapy 11

Ingredients: black fungus polysaccharide, chrysanthemum, loofah, 16 kinds of amino acids, a variety of active enzymes, peptide adenosine and other active substances, 6 kinds of vitamins and 10 kinds of trace elements
Main features: black fungus polysaccharide with hypolipidemic, anticoagulant, anti-thrombosis, anti-aging, improve blood rheology indicators, enhance immune function, promote serum protein and nucleic acid synthesis, anti-gastrointestinal ulcers, anti-mutation, anti-radiation, Metabolism and other biological activity. Combined with other active ingredients, a variety of vitamins, trace elements synergistic effect on the human body to produce "balanced conditioning, vascular smooth" effect. Can achieve a new balance of the interaction between the reconstructed organs, the coordination between the systems. In general, black fungus mainly contains protein, fat, lecithin, sphingomyelin, a variety of vitamins, as well as calcium, phosphorus, iron and other inorganic ingredients, with anti-coagulation, anti-thrombosis, promote immune function, regulate blood lipids, Hardening, lowering blood sugar, anti-aging, anti-ulcer, anti-fungal and other extensive pharmacological effects.
Pulse Kang mixture treatment of kidney disease

Treatment of nephropathy for patients with nephropathy due to systemic immune dysfunction caused by infection; taking hormones caused by high blood sugar, high blood lipids, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, femoral head aseptic necrosis and other side effects; against renal failure patients toxins Elevated vascular endothelial cell damage caused by gastric mucosal barrier damage caused by gastrointestinal ulcers, bleeding. Is the guardian of heart, brain and kidney.

Do you really drink?

There is a saying that "water is the source of life", water in our body accounted for about 60% of China, that is, half of the weight is water, while water in human life activities occupy a very important position. However, but why a lot of people in the water there is a lot of things on this matter, today we are collecting unhealthy drink of water errors.

    Misunderstanding 1: not thirsty not drink water

    Adequate moisture can help the body digestion, absorption, circulation, excretion of the smooth, but also help people to maintain a constant temperature of about 37 °. Usually many of us are going to wait until the thirst when they go back to drink water, when the symptoms of thirst, the body has lost weight 2% of the water, and this time will be accompanied by loss of appetite, oliguria and even affect the work Efficiency, so the water is not to quench their thirst, but in order to allow it to participate in the metabolism of the body, but also less blood sticky. Therefore, do not wait until thirsty to drink water, to add water in time, especially now often blowing air conditioning, fans, but also pay attention from time to time to drink saliva.

    Misunderstanding 2: with a drink to pay water

    Go to the supermarket to see an array of drinks, all kinds of tastes of everything, also led to a lot of people to use the beverage to add lost water, if the daily drink drink consequences are terrible. Common drinks on the market every 100ML sugar content is about 10%, supplemented with vitamins, minerals, sports drinks also contain 3% sugar, and some even more than 10%. Take a bottle of 500ML drinks, which contains about 50g of sugar, its energy is equivalent to a small bowl of rice energy, long this will cause obesity and improve the risk of diabetes. In addition, many carbonated beverages contain phosphoric acid, will accelerate the loss of calcium, will be the incidence of osteoporosis early. Therefore, the use of drinks to pay water is very detrimental to the health of the way, the impact on the weight is considerable.

    Misunderstanding 3: morning do not drink water

    Morning a lot of people do not drink the habit of drinking water is generally less before going to bed. The first cup of water in the morning has a "life-saving water," said, because the body after a night of metabolism, the morning when the body is in a serious state of water, the body's metabolic waste also need plenty of water to clean, But also dilute the blood to reduce the viscosity of the elderly the first cup of water can prevent the sudden onset of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. So, remember to drink a cup of white water in the morning to supplement the digestion of water.

    Misunderstanding 4: put a long time to open the water

    4 hours of water at room temperature, the water will reduce the active material 70%, placed more than 3 days will breed a large number of micro-organisms and nitrite, if you drink water containing nitrite, will reduce the oxygen capacity of the blood; On the other hand will increase the risk of gastric cancer, gastric cancer is mainly due to the breeding of Helicobacter pylori, nitrite is the main source of Helicobacter pylori. Therefore, the general family of burning water is best to drink now drink, stay up to not more than 24 hours. In addition, pure water, mineral water should not be stored for too long, large bottles or barrels of pure water, mineral water for more than 3 days should not drink, repeated boiling water is not only a lot of nitrite and heavy metal ions, more Should not drink


Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital special therapy 10

Circle therapy is a relatively new treatment, can help patients with kidney disease toxins in the blood. Because of its treatment effect is obvious, no side effects, began to cause the concern of patients around the world.
Circulation, with crushed Chinese medicine to remove the body of toxins, according to different diseases smear in different parts of the body, and with different drugs from the blood layer of different toxins.
Once a day, draw five times in each reaction area, clockwise for the treatment of cold disease, counterclockwise rounds for the treatment of fever. 4-8 hours later, with warm water bath, wash the painting circle. Short course of seven days, a long course of 49 days.
Circumcision can be used to treat many diseases, but how do we know if it works? In general, this means that the circle is effective if we can get the following treatment:
1. The effective performance of cold: fever, rash, hot pain, sweating, tinnitus, increased appetite.
2. The effective performance of fever: pale, dark spots, sweating, drowsiness, tinnitus, diarrhea and so on.
Circulation is good for health and helps to treat kidney disease effectively, but that does not mean that everyone with kidney problems can receive this treatment. For patients who are undergoing this treatment, it is necessary to know the precautionary measures of circulating therapy in advance:
This therapy is taboo patients with skin allergies and sensitive physical, traumatic ulceration, pregnant women.

Summer warm, do not open air conditioning.

Milk, bone soup which is more calcium

Milk is rich in rich protein, can provide the necessary nutrients the body, drink milk can also play the effect of calcium, different time to drink milk, calcium effect is also different.
Can you drink bone soup?

  Many people think that bone marrow, teeth containing calcium, if the bone soup, you can bones containing calcium into the soup, through the soup will be able to achieve the effect of calcium. The form of calcium in the body mainly exists in the form of bones and teeth. 99% of the body of calcium in the body of bone teeth, support the body's movement and chewing ability. So many people think that if the bone soup, you can put the bone containing calcium into the soup, through the soup will be able to achieve the effect of calcium. Experts pointed out that the general soup is a pot with no acid spices, the soup will not form calcium precipitation, so the calcium content of the soup in fact with the water content of calcium close to its value is not high.
In fact, the calcium in the bones is in the form of phosphate, it is difficult to dissolve in water, no matter how much bones stew or stew how long, can not increase the bone soup calcium content. Unless the bones have been boiled bones, even with the slag intake, but in fact, no one will boil soup has been boiled bone bones. The study found that every hundred milliliters of bone soup contains only 2-5 milligrams of calcium, less than ordinary milk calcium content of 1/20 (about 100 milliliters of milk contains about 105 mg of calcium).
3 kinds of people for drinking milk calcium

 1, osteoporosis patients

Osteoporosis in addition to the lack of calcium, and manganese and vitamin D deficiency also has a close relationship. Because trace elements manganese not only participate in the activation of many enzymes in the body, but also with vitamin D together to promote the body's absorption of mineral elements of calcium. Osteoporosis patients should be under the guidance of a doctor, in the drug treatment and physical exercise at the same time, it is best to eat some more milk. This is because the milk is rich in highly active minerals calcium, manganese and vitamin D, the patient can play a very good adjuvant therapy.
2, pregnant women

Each pregnant woman is the need for calcium, not only pregnant women need to add calcium, fetal bone formation also need calcium, if pregnant women calcium deficiency easily lead to calf cramps, osteoporosis, severe cases will cause fetal congenital rickets, so Calcium is very important during pregnancy. The source of calcium is generally milk, dairy products, shellfish food (shrimp, shrimp), soybeans and so on.
3, growth and development of children

Children need to add a variety of nutrients, calcium is the most indispensable ingredients. Expert survey found that most of our residents lack the absorption of calcium, such as not to strengthen the calcium supplement, the elderly are susceptible to osteoporosis. In addition, the experts also said that drinking milk is the best way to calcium, if you do not want to drink milk, soy milk, yogurt is also possible.
  What should pay attention to calcium?

1, the appropriate control of meat intake, no more than 100 grams of meat per day (including fish), not more than an egg, it is best to use beans instead of some meat protein, because the soy products are basically acid-base balance Of the food, rather than those as meat that has a strong acid, will not promote the loss of calcium.

2, the appropriate eat more coarse grains, potatoes, beans, instead of some fine white rice, fine flour products, especially potato, (such as: sweet potatoes, potatoes, taro, yam, etc.), into alkaline relatively strong, used to replace Part of the food, the effect is particularly good.

3, eat more fruits and vegetables, especially dark vegetables, not only can provide potassium, magnesium, calcium, but also provide vitamin K, bone effect is very strong! For those who can not eat enough vegetables, fruit is also an important food to maintain the balance of acid and alkali, half a catty of fresh fruit every day is essential.
Do the above three points, and then appropriate to increase the movement, a glass of milk or yogurt in the rich calcium, can really promote bone health, no longer have "milk can really calcium" this question. There is a very worthy of our excitement is that such a diet will make you have slim no longer obese body, this is not an unexpected surprise?


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